Atlanta Public Health Professions Hold COVID Vaccine Information Session

Large-scale vaccination is the only way to eradicate COVID-19. Dawoodi Bohra communities worldwide have embraced the responsibility to get vaccinated as a means of protecting themselves and those around them. The community is striving for a 100% vaccination rate among its eligible members, urging every individual to get a vaccine once made available to them. Dawoodi Bohras doctors and public health professionals around the world have rallied to the cause, helping increase awareness, build trust in vaccine efficacy, and facilitating access to vaccination cites to those in need.

The Atlanta Dawoodi Bohra Community doubled down on efforts to promote greater awareness and fill any existing or potential knowledge gaps surrounding the vaccines.  Some wondered if the vaccines were safe and effective. Those with multiple medical problems have worried about the compatibility of the vaccine with other medications they are taking. Still, others had not yet been vaccinated because they did not know if they were eligible or where they should go.

A group of Atlanta area Dawoodi Bohra physicians and pharmacists held an informative Zoom session where they discussed the importance of getting vaccinated, reviewed the safety data on the available vaccines, and provided vital information regarding vaccine rollout and distribution. The presentation addressed the common questions surveyed members had.  A valuable Q&A session followed, addressing the remaining concerns of community members who had joined the virtual meeting.

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