Dawoodi Bohras of Bakersfield donate blood to save lives

The current national blood supply shortage, especially in Kern County California, prompted the Dawoodi Bohra Community of Bakersfield to partner with the local Houchin Community Blood Bank to host a blood donation drive at the local masjid. Members of the community, together with others from the Bakersfield, area pulled up their sleeves to donate blood to help save lives!

Houchin’s state of the art mobile donation bus was setup by their wonderful staff near the Masjid main door early in the crisp February morning. Scheduled donors began arriving soon after. The entire process took approximately thirty to forty five minutes for each donor, beginning with a detailed questionnaire filled on handheld devices to make sure that all donors qualified to donate blood.

Many members of the Dawoodi Bohra community travel frequently overseas, often making them ineligible to donate blood. However, the travel restrictions due to the pandemic allowed many to qualify and experience donating blood for the very first time. Even though it was Superbowl Sunday, donors were not deterred and came out to give blood just the same.

After such a successful donation drive, the Dawoodi Bohra Community of Bakersfield hopes to partner with Houchin every year to help the community fulfill its crucial need.

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