“You are everything you choose to be,” says Life Coach, Tasneem Kagalwalla

“You are everything you choose to be.”

This is the mantra that Tasneem Kagalwalla, a Life Coach from Collin County, Texas, lives by. Tasneem is the first American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) certified Practitioner, Coach, and Trainer in the state of Texas, specializing in Mental Health and Relationship/Family Coaching.

Tasneem attributes her mantra to her mother, a strong and resilient woman with over forty years of teaching experience. Tasneem strives to support and motivate other women the way her mother encouraged her to be persistent and follow her dreams. To that end, Tasneem conducts various interactive workshops targeted towards helping women break through self-limiting beliefs, recognizing their self-worth, and identifying a life purpose, as well as ways to fulfil that purpose by planning and setting specific goals.

According to Tasneem, a Life Coach does not instil empowerment as much as evokes it from within. In this sense, empowerment is not given; rather, it is found. What a Life Coach provides is, among other things, a lens through which one’s own vision is clarified.

Along with her online and in-person coaching classes, Tasneem shares her skill set and perspectives on her talk show, “Doubleshot Espresso,” at Radio Azad. Dedicated to topics of self-improvement and personal development, the co-hosted show has gained immense popularity within the South Asian community in the US over the past four years. She has also been a keynote speaker at various events, at which she discussed the power of positivity, self motivation, and time management, including at events held by the Indian Association of North Texas (IANT), an organization she frequently volunteers with.

Tasneem is also an avid writer, and has contributed to several anthologies. In February 2017, she published a compilation of her own poems, called “Windows of Reflection,” which has received glowing recommendations from Priya Dutt, a social worker and former politician based in India, and Oprah’s favorite parenting expert, Dr. Shefali Tsabary. It has also been featured in newspapers and international editorials such as The Dallas Morning News, as well as Yogalife, the only Mind, Body, and Spirit Magazine based in the Middle East. Currently, Tasneem is on the panel of writers for three international publications: The Indo Gulf Times, SHE Magazine USA, and What Therapy Singapore.

“The best reward is receiving messages of appreciation from people who have benefitted from the classes, attesting to their triumph, happiness, and well-being. These priceless connections with people from different walks of life remain my biggest accolades,”

Tasneem concludes, “and I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to help people in this way.”

4 thoughts on ““You are everything you choose to be,” says Life Coach, Tasneem Kagalwalla

  1. Sk Taher F Raja(Rasheed) says:

    We are very proud of your achievements and your valuable contribution to the Society.

  2. Tasneem Kagalwalla says:

    Thank you so much, Alhumdollilah. Indeed, it is only with His Holiness’s blessings. Very grateful for your kind words.

  3. Munira Tinmaker says:

    Tas,Excellent! Very glad, that you always have your mom and Mumma in your description.Keep it up!

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