We are the Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee community of Dawoodi Bohras.

We worship temporarily at 6119 Oakbrook Parkway Norcross GA 30093 while our permanent place of worship is being built at 695 Beaver Ruin Road, Lilburn, Georgie.

Our community consists of approximately 120 families, under the leadership of our local leader Shaikh Shabbir Shaikh Nuruddin Bhai Pithawala.

The Dawoodi Bohra community is well known for its philanthropic efforts, including the construction of hospitals and schools, community restoration projects, and renovations to Islamic landmarks. And love of one’s country is part of our faith.

As the 52nd Dai-al-Mutlaq, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin, stated:

“With great energy and vigor, dedicate yourselves to activities that contribute to the development of your cities and benefit their inhabitants.  Become exemplary citizens through your wholehearted participation in projects and enterprises that contribute to the progress of the country you reside in.  This is my counsel to Bohras the world over.”

Our community includes three locally owned small businesses, with one owned by women; five healthcare workers; and professionals in information technology and engineering. In addition, over 98% of the students in our community go on to higher education in colleges and universities.

We are proud residents of the United States, and we continuously seek to contribute to our communities in positive and productive ways.

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