The Austin Dawoodi Bohra community is growing with the city. We have been here since the ’80s and currently have more than 50 families in our congregation. Our center of worship, the Anjuman-e-Burhani Markaz, is located in the fast-growing town of Pflugerville, nestled a few miles north of Austin, Texas.

“Keep Austin Weird” is the mantra of the city of Austin, because engaging with small and local business is a matter of pride and joy. Our congregation consists of several talented and hard-working entrepreneurs who add to this Austin spirit. We also include professionals practicing in various fields, especially in the two big and expanding local industries of technology and healthcare. The University of Texas is the heart and soul of the city and many Bohra students, dating back to the ’70s, have been fortunate to receive education from UT and are proud Longhorns.

Austin is truly an oasis in Texas nestled in the beautiful hill country. With several lakes and greenery all around, our community takes advantage of nature by regularly hiking and picnicking together.

The Bohras of Austin are also environmentally conscious and socially responsible. Our youngsters have been proactive in launching a Green Initiative to use biodegradable materials where needed and be more conscious to reuse, reduce and recycle our waste, following the guidance of Syedna Mufaddal Saifudfin (TUS) and encouraged by the achievement of Zero Waste in multiple international events organized by the Bohra community. We also partner with interfaith and non-profit organizations to collect food, help rebuild homes and more. Our Markaz is located next to the Central Church of Christ and we have built a true friendship with our neighbors.

We are a small, strong and closely-knit community. Despite our size, we have a large footprint in Austin. We continue to grow and look forward to be a greater part of Austin.

We welcome you to visit us at our Markaz where you will always receive a warm welcome. Hook’em!