We are the Dawoodi Bohras of New Jersey.

Our community of local New Jersey residents have lived and worshiped peacefully in and around New Jersey for many years. Our more than 200 families, spread across the state, worship at Zainee Masjid, or mosque, in East Brunswick, which was inaugurated in August 2004 by our Late Spiritual Leader Dr. Mohammed Burhanuddin. Nestled amongst a number of houses of worship in the East Brunswick area, including local churches and synagogues, our mosque exemplifies the values of sanctity of worship to the creator and religious tolerance. Similarly, true to the spirit of the Garden State, our nearly ten-acre campus houses a green arboretum-like landscape with wooded plants, including many of local New Jersey origin. In fact, many of the trees lining our campus’ perimeter were individually planted by community members in an effort to play a part in securing a sustainable future for our planet.

Our Central New Jersey congregation is a truly diverse community. Made up of a set of highly accomplished professionals, entrepreneurs, and public servants, our New Jersey family reflects the professional and economic diversity of New Jersey residents. Despite our small numbers, our community plays an active role in civil society, mobilizing people and resources to support social initiatives and extending a helping hand to those in need. From supporting New Jersey’s Coast Guard Pantry in Cape May during a government shutdown to helping ensure food security to all residents in the Greater Middlesex County, we share a strong commitment to helping enrich and protect our local communities, businesses, organizations, and environment. We are proud of the positive contributions we make and believe that our collective sense of social responsibility is what makes our community great. This civic duty is informed by our faith and consistently reinforced by our Spiritual Leader, Dr. Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin.

We invite you to visit us at our lush East Brunswick campus where you will always receive a warm welcome.