The Dawoodi Bohra community of Philadelphia worship at the Anjuman-E-Fakhri (Philadelphia) center in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania and other satellite locations in Pittsburgh and Bethlehem PA.  Our community – or jamaat – is comprised of Dawoodi Bohras from Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Our main meeting place – or markaz – was acquired in 2009 and is the venue for all community activities.  It is situated in a serene hill-top property in Glen Mills, a suburb of Philadelphia, and is convenient to Bohras living in Philadelphia and Delaware.

There are about 60 Bohra families living across Pennsylvania and Delaware, many of whom work in the fields of engineering, medicine, information technology, biotech, e-commerce, finance, education, law, and business.  Due to the wide geographical spread of the community, our activities are localized in three sub areas: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Poconos.

The greater Philadelphia community of Dawoodi Bohras abides by the ethos instilled and emphasized by our beloved His Holiness Syedna Aali Qadre Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS): “Be a contributing member of the Society you live in, be a law abiding citizen of the country you live in, strive to gain as much knowledge that society has to offer you, be environmentally conscious and love your neighbors.”

Members of our Dawoodi Bohras community are well respected in terms  of their valuable contribution to society be it in technology innovations, patents, a nobel prize, community service and generating job opportunities for the larger community.