San Antonio is located on the south side of Texas and is among the ten largest cities in the USA. The city offers a variety of tourist attractions, museums and shopping malls. Some major attractions are Riverwalk, Iconic Alamo Shrine and Natural Bridge Caverns amongst many other places. San Antonio has been home to a few major air force bases of which at present Lackland AFB and Randolph AFB are still actively used for training. Major shopping places are the Alamo Query Market and the NorthStar Mall.

San Antonio is home to over 30 Dawoodi Bohra families, which makes us a very small community when compared to major metropolitan centers. Although we may be small in quantity, we are very close to one another and live like a large extended family. Amongst the residing families, we have people who have moved from parts of India, Pakistan and East Africa, along with the families who have been in San Antonio for over 25 years. In our community, we have several business owners and professionals such as physicians, educators, engineers, etc. We have our Masjid which is approaching completion, and which will be a monumental welcoming sight for our community members who might be looking towards San Antonio as their home.