Located in America’s Finest City, Anjuman-e-Mohammedi is a San Diego, California based non-profit organization established in 2004 to manage and administer the affairs of the local Dawoodi Bohra community.

The Dawoodi Bohra community around the world is led and guided by the 53rd Dai al-Mutlaq His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin.

They are united by a set of common principles; an unwavering commitment to the faith, love and respect for the country in which they live, equality for all, value education and hard work, and engage and collaborate with other communities around them to make a positive contribution to society.

The Dawoodi Bohras trace their spiritual heritage to the Prophet Mohammed SA and follow the Shiia Fatimi religious ideology. Today, Dawoodi Bohras mostly originate from the West Indian state of Gujarat. Their name, ‘Bohra’ comes from the Gujarati language word ‘vohra’ which means trader; for a community known for its business acumen, honesty and trustworthiness. In more recent years substantial numbers are now professionals in various fields.

Dawoodi Bohras around the world through their hard work and dedication have established themselves as successful entrepreneurs, professionals and valuable members of their local communities. In San Diego too members own small businesses or are professionals in the fields of health-care, information technology, engineering, and biomedical research.

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