Welcome to Anjuman-e-Ezzi, Washington DC. The Dawoodi Bohra families of the Greater Washington Area live and work in and around our Nation’s capital and Maryland.  Our 120 families worship at Najmi masjid, or mosque, located in Ashton MD and constructed in 2005.

Our Maryland-based community includes locally owned small businesses, including some owned by women; healthcare professionals; and individuals working in information technology and engineering fields. Furthermore, most students in our community go on to achieve higher education from colleges and universities all over the world.

We are proud of the different sorts of contributions we makes to our society. We strive to be involved in different local community upliftment projects, and our members are encouraged to be active and engaged within the communities they reside in. We are members of various Interfaith Associations, and are committed to working with all communities in order to make a positive contribution to our communities.

We invite you to visit us at our masjid in Ashton MD, where you will receive a warm and hearty welcome and a genuine offer of support to make our diverse communities more unified.