Nourishing Communities One Meal at a Time

The Dawoodi Bohras of USA: Dawoodi Bohras of Irving, Texas join Rise Against Hunger to Pack 10,000 Meals to Feed the Hungry in South Africa.

Dawoodi Bohras of Irving, Texas Pack 10,000 Meals to Feed the Hungry

On an unexpectedly warm fall morning, over 60 volunteers from the Dawoodi Bohra community of Irving, Texas teamed up with Rise Against Hunger, an international organization that empowers local communities to join the fight in ending world hunger. The task at hand was to pack 10,000 meals for families in South Africa.

Ready with gloves and beard nets, the community assisted Rise Against Hunger organizers in setting up workstations for teams of four that worked in an assembly line to efficiently funnel each dry ingredient into small bags. Once packets of soy, dehydrated vegetables, and rice were assembled, they were then weighed, sealed, and divided into boxes for transport. After every 2,000 meals, a gong was sounded to mark a milestone, and encourage volunteers to continue their dedicated work. Periodically, participants were served with refreshments to keep energy levels high as they continued their meticulous efforts. Despite minor spills and the occasional extra vegetables, the team accomplished their task with a sense of joy that inevitably arises from aiding others.

Harmony in Action

Several leaders of the Irving community joined in the preparation of the meals, including Harbhajan Singh from the Irving Sikh community, who noted how coming together as a community to feed others “proves that whether we are Sikh or Muslim, we are humans first.” State Rep. Salman Bhojani showed his support on social media saying, A heartfelt thank you to the Irving Dawoodi Bohra community and everyone involved. Your dedication to making a difference extends hope and kindness across continents! As the first Muslim elected to the Texas House of Representatives last year, his support for the humanitarian efforts of the Dawoodi Bohra community is most appreciated.

Inspired by the words of His Holiness Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin that no one should go to bed hungry and as a tribute to his 80th birthday, the community successfully came together to achieve a noble deed. In a world suffering from rising food insecurity due to drought, war, and high commodity prices, they hope to continue undertaking collective efforts to strive towards a better future for all.

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