Bohra Combat Medic Serves in Michigan’s COVID Response Force

Mustansir Husain, a Combat Medic for the Michigan Army National Guard and a member of the Dawoodi Bohra’s Detroit community, has been serving as a member of Michigan’s COVID Response Force, helping test and vaccinate residents of his state.

For almost 10 months, Mustansir has been traveling with the Michigan Army National Guard to healthcare clinics, hospitals, and drive-thru events across the state.  Mustansir and his fellow soldiers have been stationed with the 1776th Military Police Unit in Taylor, Michigan.

Mustansir commented, “As a Combat Medic for the Michigan Army National Guard, I am responsible for the lives of soldiers.  My responsibility is not to be a provider, like a doctor or nurse, but to communicate to the provider about the condition and the ailment of the soldier.  I am the first person a wounded or sick soldier encounters before seeing a nurse or doctor.”

Prior to being appointed a Combat Medic, Mustansir received 10 weeks of basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, followed by 16 weeks of Combat Medic training at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.  Combat Medic training is broken down into two phases.  During the first phase, Mustansir was trained and certified to be a national registered emergency medical technician. This certification also qualifies Mustansir to work as an EMT or medical assistant outside of the Army.  In the second phase, he studied field care and trauma medicine. 

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