Detroit Bohras Partner with Zaman International to Support Afghan Refugees Settling in Michigan

For more than 20 years, Zaman International’s mission has been to improve the lives of families in need through the provision of urgent assistance. This year is no different as Zaman International is one of several local agencies providing assistance to Afghan refugee families resettling in Michigan. 

As a long-term partner of Zaman International, the Dawoodi Bohras of Detroit, under the  global Project Rise initiative, conducted a donation drive for sets of housewares for their new neighbors. In less than a month, they fundraised, purchased and delivered necessary goods to Zaman International, thanks especially to strong support from community members. Sets of silverware, can openers, and glassware were provided for 100 families. 

Monica Boomer, Chief Impact Officer of Zaman International commented that “These essential items will ensure that our newest neighbors can enjoy the full variety of foods we provide from our Client-Choice Food Pantry.  While many of us take these housewares for granted, they will provide a true sense of permanence and normalcy for these families who have recently experienced so much uncertainty and upheaval.”

Ms. Boomer shared that “Our continued partnership is built on the strong foundation of our shared commitment to building hope for those in need.  You have set such a beautiful example of faith in action that inspires our Zaman team and our client families.” 

We take pride in knowing that Ms. Boomer feels that we have “demonstrated not only your agility, but also your commitment to serving our clients with dignity and concern for their whole person.” As the Afghan families begin to find more permanent housing, the Dawoodi Bohras of Detroit will continue supporting the efforts of Zaman International by assisting in the final delivery of all items collected by the agency.

The Detroit Dawoodi Bohras regularly support Zaman International and are grateful for the opportunity to be of service. This partnership is a testament to the power of community and its unique ability to come together for a shared vision and purpose.

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