Seeds of Change: Greening the Planet on Leader’s 80th Birthday

The Dawoodi Bohras of USA: Communities mark the 80th birthday of His Holiness Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin by planting trees in their cities. 

Bohra communities around the world are coming together to mark the 80th birthday of His Holiness Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin, leader of the Dawoodi Bohras, by planting native trees in their local cities.

His Holiness Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin regularly emphasizes the importance of environmental stewardship and urges Bohras to be conscientious of their impact on the environment. To honor His Holiness’ vision for global environmental protection and sustainability, on the 22nd of September, the Detroit community embarked on an ambitious tree planting initiative.

In Michigan, the Detroit Bohra community planted Eastern Redbud trees on the grounds of Burhani masjid, located in Farmington Hills. The Eastern Redbud tree is a native species of North America and will help to enhance local biodiversity in Michigan. State Senator Mary Cavanagh and other esteemed guests including the local sheriff, police and fire departments, participated in planting the trees at the Detroit Bohra’s masjid complex. State Senator Mary Cavanagh shared:

“I was honored to be able to participate in this tree planting initiative and to collaborate with the Dawoodi Bohras of Detroit. We are actively engaged in this endeavor and it showcases the strength of our diverse community. Our shared commitment to environmental stewardship not only enriches our urban landscape but also serves as a reminder of our collective efforts. This initiative amplifies the work that Michigan is investing at both the community and state level in environmental sustainability and justice.”

The state of Michigan is currently committed to planting 50 million trees by 2030, which is part of the global Trillion Trees campaign, set to plant a trillion trees worldwide by 2023. 

In a heartfelt recognition, the Dawoodi Bohras of Detroit were also honored to receive a Special Tribute from the State of Michigan. The tribute acknowledges their unwavering commitment to community and societal welfare and states that “the time, dedication and effort that the Dawoodi Bohras put back into their communities exemplifies how deeply they care for their neighbors and society as a whole.” Long-time resident Mansoor Poonawala echoed  sentiment in the Special Tribute and shared that “I have had the privilege of calling Farmington Hills home for 26 years. I deeply value the strong sense of community we have created here and I am hopeful that, as Dawoodi Bohras, we can continue with our efforts to contribute positively to Michigan.”

This momentous occasion not only marks the 80th birthday of His Holiness Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin but also unites Bohra communities to uphold the commitment of their global Project Rise initiative to protect and enhance the environment. Together, we celebrate His Holiness’ wisdom and leadership, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to protect the planet and support our local communities.

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