Local Bohra Youngster Calls for Action on World Peace Day

Local Bohra Youngster Calls for Action on World Peace Day

Fremont, CA – Invited to speak at the annual United Nations (UN) International Day of Peace event with the East Bay Regional Parks, local Bohra youngster and 10th grader Mufaddal Bohri of the Fremont Dawoodi Bohra community shared his views on the deep emphasis Islam places on nurturing peace and steps everyone can take in daily life to nurture a safer, more harmonious world.

Surrounded by fellow youth speakers and an audience from a variety of faiths and cultures, Mufaddal said, “Peace shouldn’t be a topic for discussion only on select days like today, but a matter of practice in everyday life. We should use it to bring people closer together. Even seemingly small actions can promote peace.”

“I’ve found that while at school, smiling at teachers or a student who I may not know puts a smile on their face too. Or when seeing a fellow youngster sitting alone on the side –  making the effort to talk to them, or maybe helping someone with something they may not know how to do. Again, these may seem small, but whenever someone smiles at me or lends me a hand, it brings me joy and peace,”  Mufaddal added.

In 1981, The UN established September 21st as the International Day of Peace. On this day, the UN General Assembly encourages all nations to observe 24 hours of non-violence and cease-fire, and to practice kindness and compassion. Since 2018, the East Bay Regional Park District has celebrated this day with a community event at Lake Chabot Regional Park.

In recognition of this globally significant moment and the foundational role youngsters play in advancing peace through generational change, we spoke to other Dawoodi Bohra youngsters about their views on peace and practical steps we can take each day to help promote a safer, more neighborly and just world. 

Fatema, 10th Grade

“To me, peace means not making assumptions based on someone’s looks, where they come from, what they believe or what clothes they wear.  We have to stop judging books by their covers and instead really get to know the stories and personalities on the inside. In practice, this means accepting that we live in a community, taking that extra step to understand one another, and building bridges among people.”

Sabiya, 10th Grade

“To me, peace is a sense of cooperation and justice within a community. It’s refraining from violence and searching for a peaceful solution when there’s a disagreement. It means being kind and welcoming to others despite a different religion, skin color, gender or ethnicity. In daily life, this could take a lot of forms. For me, volunteering and getting involved to help your community is one great way to promote peace.”

Shabbir, 2nd Year College

“To me, peace means showing respect and love towards others. It means that we have to care about those around us. It means being kind and helping, even if it’s a little inconvenient or a bit out of the way for me. It means showing up to take part in activities where others are trying to do good things and working to improve our neighborhoods and communities – even if they are not my own. It means nurturing a culture of forgiveness and treating others the way I would want to be treated – every day.”

In line with these perspectives, the foundation of the Dawoodi Bohra faith is based on peace, love and humanity. The faith stresses striving for the betterment of others, praises selfless individuals who are willing to put the interests of the community above their own needs and clearly establishes such acts as inherent parts of the faith and essential hallmarks of Islam.

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