Dawoodi Bohras “Rise Against Hunger” In Partnership With Life Path Church

Over 90 volunteers from both faiths unite to provide 20,000 meals for vulnerable people

On Sunday, the Dawoodi Bohra community of Houston partnered with Life Path Church to host a “Rise Against Hunger” event in which over 90 volunteers assembled to pack 20,000 meals for local homeless and hungry people. The Dawoodi Bohras and Life Path covered the cost of all the meals.

The event was part of Project Rise – a global initiative established by the Dawoodi Bohra faith to improve the lives of the less fortunate among us. All over the world, Bohras are engaging in a wide range of local activities to provide practical help to the underprivileged. Project Rise takes its inspiration from the  teachings of Islam and the Prophetic traditions, which instruct Muslims to work for the betterment of others.

Representative for the Houston community of Dawoodi Bohras, Dr, Saifuddin Tahir, said, “The Dawoodi Bohras have always believed that nobody should go to bed hungry, and that is why – as part of Project Rise – we provide food, financial support, and willing volunteers to food banks all over the world on a regular basis. I am grateful to volunteers from Life Path Church for helping us serve the homeless and hungry of Houston.”

Pastor Rich Reaves of Life Path Church said, “ Life Path Church’s mission is to love thy neighbor. We are proud of our friendship with the Dawoodi Bohras. We are also excited to partner with Rise against hunger and help pack 20,000 meals.”

All volunteers and guests observed CDC guidelines and local COVID19 regulations to ensure the event was held safely.