Miami Bohras Join Twice-Monthly Fort Lauderdale Beach Clean-Up

The Miami community of Dawoodi Bohras gathered this weekend to help clean their local Hollywood Beach.  Dawoodi Bohra volunteers step up twice a month to support the City of Fort Lauderdale’s efforts to maintain the region’s pristine beaches.  The campaign is sponsored by the Rotary Club’s 100th Anniversary Power of One Hour.

Dawoodi Bohra volunteers all around the world regularly help to clear trash and debris from beaches and waterways as part of their Turning the Tide program to eliminate single-use plastic and rid bodies of water of plastic pollution.

A video, Turning the Tide Against Plastic Pollution – The Dawoodi Bohras, explains more about the initiative and calls on everyone to harbor a greater sense of responsibility to the environment.

Turning the Tide is part of Project Rise initiative, a global philanthropic endeavour initiated by The Dawoodi Bohras to raise and elevate the less fortunate among us in a range of ways, including through education, health and nutrition support, and protecting and enhancing the natural environment.

Although small in number, the 32 families of the Dawoodi Bohras’ communities of Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach regularly seek ways to contribute to the progress and development of South Florida and all its people.  In addition to undertaking street and beach clean-ups to help preserve the natural environment, they donate to local food banks that support vulnerable members of society.

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