Bohras partner with local elementary school to provide meals and support remote learning

The Dawoodi Bohras of Orange County and Inland Empire are proud to be neighbors with Bon View Elementary School.  The Bohras have a long tradition of supporting their neighbors and of encouraging the pursuit of education.  In that vein, Orange County and Inland Empire Bohras are proud to partner with Bon View Elementary.  Over the last several years, the Bohras have worked with Bon View’s outreach team to identify student needs and support the school whenever possible.

For example, Bon View identified several students whose families were food insecure.  As part of the community kitchen program (Faiz-al-Mawaid al-Burhaniyah), local Bohras have donated groceries to those families.  Bohras have also supported the school’s weekend food program, providing lunch to students who rely on the school for meals.

Similarly, Bon View identified students who lacked access to particular technologies during the pandemic, where remote learning was required.  Bohras provided requisite technology to the school, so that students could continue to benefit from online learning.

The Bohras of Orange County and Inland Empire hope to continue supporting our neighbors at Bon View Elementary School.

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