Bay Area Dawoodi Bohras and Jewish Community Unite to Assist Unhoused Populations

Dawoodi Bohras from Masjid-e-Mohammedi in Fremont partnered with members of the Jewish community from Temple Beth Torah to fund, purchase, pack and deliver nearly 500 snack and hygiene packs for distribution by Abode Services to unhoused populations throughout the region.  Each snack pack contained bottled water, a juice box, trail mix, granola bars, and a fruit cup.  Hygiene packs included washcloths, cough drops, socks, soap, toothpaste and a toothbrush.

Yusuf Asgerally, a Dawoodi Bohra volunteer and coordinator of the effort, said, “We’re trying to do our part to help those suffering from homelessness in our region to access the basics they need to get through the day with dignity.  We’re proud to have a multi-year partnership with Abode Services that allows us to reach these vulnerable populations on a regular basis.”

“Our partners at Temple Beth Torah this year have been tremendous, enabling us to double the impact.  This shows the incredible strength we have within faith-based communities to help those in need while deepening our ties as neighbors and residents of Fremont.  Coming together is critical, particularly during these challenging times,” Asgerally added.

Ronnie Petersohn, President of Temple Beth Torah, said, “One of our ancient rabbis taught ‘It is not upon you to finish the work, but neither are you free to desist from it.’ It is incumbent on all of us to do our part, however small, to make the world a better place.  It is our honor to join the Muslim community in this effort, fulfilling our obligation to help care for those in need.”

Jean Morgan, Community Outreach Coordinator for Abode Services, said, “It’s so heartening to see our faith based communities coming together in this way to support unhoused populations in our region.  During this past year we have seen the need continuing to grow as more and more people are experiencing homelessness.  We’re so appreciative of the Dawoodi Bohra community and Temple Beth Torah for their generous donation of personal care bags and snack bag donations to support people sorely in need of care.  It’s tremendous.”

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