Bohra High School Student Pushes Local Households Towards Sustainability

Efforts engage Bay Area Dawoodi Bohras in the Fremont Green Challenge

Seven years ago our community launched a global initiative to plant 200,000 trees, an effort rooted in a fundamental obligation to protect, nurture and enhance our environment.

Heeding the call and seeking to do my part, I joined my family and other members of the Dawoodi Bohra community in Fremont to plant several fruit trees at our Masjid in Niles and in various other places throughout the region. For the eleven year-old me, it was more than just digging a hole and putting a plant in the ground. It was instead an experience that inspired me to deepen my understanding of the ways in which we can contribute to a more sustainable world for generations to come and was a moment in which I realized the power I had to make a difference – one sapling at a time.

As a high school student about to graduate and go off to college, I wanted to build on my previous experience and help make a bigger, lasting, and more positive impact on the environment. That’s why I chose to get my community engaged in the Fremont Green Challenge, which is part of a national movement providing households and community groups with a platform to more consciously incorporate sustainability into our lives and create a healthier environment. The simple actions available through the challenge, like committing to take shorter showers, turning off the lights, recycling and composting, planting trees and biking (instead of driving), aid in the development of a greener and environmentally friendly future.

It’s been pretty exciting to see that in just a couple of weeks, 21 households of local Dawoodi Bohra moms, dads, and kids have signed up. I’m working to encourage a lot more to join. Hopefully by Earth day, we’ll have a moment to look back and reflect on the progress we made – conserving water, reducing energy, increasing recycling, and smile at how we have collectively answered the call to take part in local endeavors and put our world on a path to a brighter environmental future for all.

Amatullah Ranijiwala is a high school student living in Fremont, California. She loves to garden, read, paint, code, and also tutors younger kids. She will be graduating in a year’s time and is looking forward to going to college and dreams of going into the medical field.

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