Dawoodi Bohras Welcome Ramadan with Neighbors

With the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan, the Dawoodi Bohra community in San Francisco is deepening the ties of unity by sharing a taste of their traditional culture throughout the local neighborhood.

Volunteers from the community procured and packed nutritious foods associated with breaking the fast of each day of Ramadan, and delivered them to neighbors throughout Old Canyon Road.

“Normally, we’d come together at the masjid to share our food and culture with our friends and neighbors,” said Zaineb Sharafali, organizer of what the community is calling a “virtual sharing experience” during the Holy Month.

“We love our neighbors and the neighborhood, and while we can’t host friends at the masjid as we normally would, these packets form a virtual bridge of sorts that allow us to stay connected even during these challenging times.”

A total of 42 bags were delivered, each bag containing Medjool dates, honey sticks, Masala Chai, biscuits, and a packet of olives. Also included in the packet was a traditional recipe to try at home.

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