Leveraging Summertime to Learn about Water and Wildlife Conservation

Dawoodi Bohra Kids Tour the Alameda Creek and surrounding Ponds

Flowing past Masjid-e-Mohammedi, the home of the Dawoodi Bohras of Fremont, California, the waters of Alameda Creek have brought inspiring serenity to the Old Canyon Road neighborhood for generations.  Its miles of meandering trails for biking and walking touch the San Francisco Bay, providing residents and visitors of all ages a safe, invigorating outdoor experience.

But the Alameda Creek plays a much larger environmental role as well.  It serves as a critical flood control mechanism for the region, helps recharge critical aquifers in the Niles area, and provides important habitat for a variety of plants and wildlife, including Steelhead Trout.

Children from the San Francisco Dawoodi Bohra community spent a summer morning learning about these and other key features of the Alameda Creek.  With a tour of the newly completed fish ladders project, a visit to Shinn pond, and talks with ACWD staff, Dawoodi Bohra children gained a deeper appreciation for how water gets captured and moves underground, what factors contribute to successful fish migration, and much more.

“Engaging with the environment up close and personal is a learning experience like no other.  Kids from our community deepened their understanding of the Alameda Creek watershed and now are so much more aware of its vital role in our regional water ecosystem.  We’re so thankful to the ACWD staff for making this great summer learning opportunity possible,” said Farida Baxamusa, a Dawoodi Bohra parent, geologist, and lead organizer of the tour.

“Getting out to visit the Alameda Creek to learn about fish migration and water conservation, especially during the drought we’re facing right now, was pretty neat.  I see the creek often when I come to the Masjid or ride my bike but never really understood how important the creek actually is.  Now I really want to save water and take better care of the creek,” said Husain, a local Dawoodi Bohra middle school student.

Several children took part in the tour, chaperoned by volunteer parents, cultural school teachers and ACWD staff.

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