San Francisco Bohras celebrate UN International Day of Peace

  1. Members discuss how to nurture peace, tolerance and harmony across cultures.

Members of the Dawoodi Bohra community of San Francisco participated in the 2022 UN International Day of Peace event hosted by the East Bay Regional Park District.  Set at the beautiful Lake Chabot Regional Park, people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds came together to listen to inspiring speeches, brainstorm ideas for creating a better future, and to get to know each other.

In addition to speeches and messages of peace, community members gathered around the Lake Chabot Peace Pole and spread good wishes for understanding, respect, equity, and safety for all.  The event included a meal and peace walk.

“On this important day upon which we’re celebrating Peace, a day we’re acknowledging the need to deepen our efforts to nurture it – let’s recommit ourselves to actions that will allow us to build a better, more tolerant and harmonious world now and for generations to come,” said Mr. Hatim Nooruddin, Assistant President of the Dawoodi Bohras of San Francisco, speaking on behalf of the Dawoodi Bohras at the event.

During small group discussions, ideas were generated on how to create a more equitable community and peaceful, accepting space for all.  Some ideas discussed included creating multicultural and interfaith youth sport teams, gathering communities together to clean their common spaces and parks, and empowering all people to vote to have their voices heard.

“It was such an inspirational and uplifting day!  It gave me tremendous hope to see so many people of all ages and different backgrounds coming together towards the goal of enhancing peace.  I’m so happy to have participated in this event” said Zaineb Sharafali, an active volunteer and Dawoodi Bohra community attendee.

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