San Francisco Bohras Host “Upcycle Your Earth Day” Event

To mark Earth Day, the Dawoodi Bohra community of San Francisco virtually hosted “Upcycle Your Earth Day” on Earth Day to discuss the importance of living sustainably.

Patrick Jurney, Program Manager of Community Climate Solutions, talked about the Fremont Green Challenge and other key initiatives focused on helping individuals, families, and communities take simple steps – like turning off the lights, shortening showers, and turning down the thermostat – that over time can add up to significantly reduced water and energy usage.

Ben Duggan, Reusables Associate of Stop Waste, raised the issue of plastics and reusables, highlighting how globally we’re on a path to have more plastic in our oceans than fish, unless we take urgent action – independently and collectively – to reduce plastic waste and focus on reusable containers and packaging.

Rachel DiFranco, Sustainability Manager of the City of Fremont, commended many of the City’s innovative efforts around sustainability, including the City’s Climate Action Plan adopted in 2012, Fremont’s partnership with East Bay Community Energy which has significantly reduced residents’ reliance on fossil fuels, and infrastructure projects to encourage walking and biking.

Khadija Doctor, Program Coordinator of Happy Nests, an initiative founded by the Dawoodi Bohras to raise awareness on the importance of reducing our plastic footprint, said

“Each of us must reduce, reuse, recycle, and upcycle if we want to help save our planet.  Upcycling is the idea that we can reuse creatively without throwing items in the trash.  We take those items and turn them into something completely new – like a planter or desktop organizer.  The possibilities are endless.”

Amatullah Ranijiwala, a high school student, demonstrated how to build a bird feeder from recycled materials: a plastic bottle, a thumb tack, a pencil, and string.

Mufaddal Ezzy, a volunteer with the Dawoodi Bohra community of San Francisco, said, “As part of our global Project Rise initiative, the Dawoodi Bohras regularly lead practical efforts to conserve, enhance and clear up the natural environment.  I am grateful to our guest speakers for helping us to raise awareness of the need for sustainable development while having a little fun as well making a bird feeder from upcycled materials.”

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