Taking Health and Fitness to New Heights – Dawoodi Bohras Trek Mount Dana

Heeding the Dawoodi Bohra community’s global call for increased emphasis on physical and mental well-being, a team of young Bohras from San Francisco organized a national trek up Mount Dana in eastern California.  

Mount Dana is Yosemite’s second highest peak in Yosemite National Park with an elevation of over 13,000 feet.  Its snow capped ridges offer a challenging climb to those up for the hike, with breathtaking views of the ancient Mono Lake from its summit.

“It was a pretty amazing physical experience to climb Mt Dana.  But perhaps more incredible was how we came together as a community to take on the challenge.  We planned, prepared, and supported each other throughout the experience,” said Yushea Akbari, an avid hiker and the organizer of the trip.

“I emerged from the hike with an entirely new appreciation for Yosemite, its environment, and Mono Lake.  The hike helped me realize my potential and deepened my confidence in taking on new challenges.  I feel stronger after the hike,” added Nisreen Ferozpurwala, a student and resident of Fremont, CA.

Nearly 40 Bohra men and women from throughout North America took part, ranging from age 14 to 54 years old.  85% of the group reached the summit!

We congratulate all the participants and appreciate the inspiration they provide all in the community to leverage physical and group activity as a means to strengthen the body, boost confidence, and build unity!

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