Seattle Bohra Flu Vaccine Drive

Seattle Bohra’s coordinated with Walgreens pharmacy in initiating a community wide Influenza vaccination drive. Being in the midst of a pandemic, flu vaccination has taken on new importance and urgency. A total of 40 vaccinations were given, out of which 20 were for women and children. Both these groups are deemed especially vulnerable. It was offered over two days, a Wednesday evening and Friday evening, at two locations. At the Kirkland Community center and at a Sammamish Community Food distribution Center. Two centers were picked to accommodate Seattle Bohra community members who are concentrated in these two zones in the greater Seattle region. We approached the Kirkland Walgreens pharmacy who were very understanding and cooperative, to visit us at both these centers, at convenient times for the community members.

Anyone can get a vaccine from a medical facility, but the uniqueness of a community organized drive is that it provides it in one convenient place for every local family, removing the need to contact multiple primary doctors and go to multiple locations to get vaccinated for various family members.

This flu vaccination drive originally started several years ago when Dr. Syedna Muffadal Saifuddin (TUS), the spiritual head of the Dawoodi Bohras, mandated the flu vaccine be given to all community members to prevent the spread of communicable disease during large community gatherings at the start of the Islamic Calendar known as ‘the Blessed Ten’ or Ashara Mubaraka. The wisdom of this act is magnified this year, 2020, during a global pandemic, as to not add an extra burden to society with the spread of Influenza as well.

The committee acted prudently to select days convenient for community members with the goal of getting the maximum number of community members vaccinated. Seattle community members played a pivotal role in organizing the event, partnering with Walgreens and helping with much-needed scheduling, ensuring that the process went smoothly.