Seattle Bohras Thank Local Teachers for Incredible Efforts During COVID19

As the 2020-2021 school year ends, the Dawoodi Bohras of King County, WA (Seattle) took advantage of loosened COVID19 restrictions to show their appreciation for the local teachers and the administrators who had demonstrated great dedication and hard work to educate, mentor and love our children every single day.

Dawoodi Bohras families visited 10 schools to meet with principals from the Lake Washington School District and Issaquah School District to express their gratitude.  Thanks were also offered to the two Superintendents of the school districts for going above and beyond when continuing to provide education to local children during a year of challenges.

Local Bohras also took time to inform school administrators about the Dawoodi Bohra culture, and particularly the religious events and holidays that the community observes. 

Principal Ms. Jennifer Sehlin of Cascade Ridge Elementary, Sammamish, invited the Dawoodi Bohra families to participate in the schools’ cultural diversity program being planned for September 2021.  The school took interest in showcasing the Dawoodi Bohra food, clothes, language, location, culture, architecture and traditions.  She also added that the staff enjoyed the chocolates and reading about the lifestyle that the community followed.

Principal Brady Howden of McAuliffe Elementary, Sammamish, commented, “This morning was a special treat for myself and Christina.  Thank you so much for stopping by and for the treats!  I placed your letter in the staff lounge with the treats so that our teachers will know who provided the end of year sweets! Thank you again!”

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