Strides Towards Wellness: Seattle Bohras Embrace Fitness Journey

The Dawoodi Bohras of USA: In October 2023, the Seattle Bohras took strides towards wellness by launching an empowering walking challenge.

How setting ambitious fitness goals can lead to extraordinary accomplishments

In October 2023, the Seattle Dawoodi Bohra community launched an empowering fitness initiative by organizing a walking challenge. The challenge brought together 53 participants, ages 11 to 80, over the course of the month. The group collectively logged an astonishing 12 million steps, averaging 400,000 steps daily, with one participant achieving a remarkable count of 63,000 steps in one day. The initiative highlighted their shared commitment to fitness, and the power of determination.

The Seattle community’s health committee, dedicated to assisting and guiding members in monitoring their health, played an important role in organizing the walking challenge. Conducted annually, participation in 2023 saw 30% growth compared to 2022, and a 20% increase in the total number of steps taken. To encourage friendly competition and keep participants motivated throughout the challenge, the top male and female walkers, along with other high-achievers were awarded prizes.

Achievements and Inspirations

The top male walker, Mazahir Poonawala, logged nearly 1 million steps over the 30-day period, proving that setting ambitious fitness goals can lead to extraordinary accomplishments. He shared his experience stating:

I find immense joy in immersing myself in nature. Residing in the Pacific Northwest offers abundant opportunities for extended walks amidst its stunning natural landscapes. Since my childhood, I’ve been going on lengthy hikes and treks with my father, a practice that has continued on into my adult life. On a personal note, I have a strong competitive spirit, which compels me to rise to any challenge that comes my way. Within our community, my fellow members provide me with a healthy dose of competition, motivating me to excel further. Lastly, none of this would be possible without the unwavering support of my wife and children. Throughout the challenge, they graciously adjusted our family schedule to grant me the freedom to dedicate 3 to 4 hours daily to this endeavor.

The top female walker, Radiya Matheranwala, logged 825,000 steps. She shared, “My community is my inspiration to walk daily. I aim to practice a healthy lifestyle and stay physically active so that I can fulfill my religious duties and contribute to society. Participating in this challenge has brought me peace, fulfillment, and increased energy. Now, I make it my goal to walk daily”.

Community Health and Harmony

Moiz Leelwala, President of the Seattle Dawoodi Bohra community commented on the initiative, “Good physical health is important for enhanced spirituality, which is why the Islamic faith inspires us to stay active.”

This initiative served as a reminder of the importance of physical fitness in our lives and the power of community effort. The Seattle Dawoodi Bohras hope to continue promoting a culture of health and wellness, with even more participation in the years to come.

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