United in Patriotism: The Dawoodi Bohras of Greater Seattle Celebrate Independence Day

The Dawoodi Bohras of USA: United in Patriotism: The Dawoodi Bohras of Greater Seattle Celebrate Independence Day

The Seattle 4th of July Parade, also known as the “Seafair Summer Fourth,” has been a longstanding tradition in the city. It has been celebrated annually for over seven decades, making it a cherished and time-honored event. This year, Kirkland’s Marina Park buzzed with a joyous celebration for the July 4th parade as the Dawoodi Bohras of Seattle participated alongside 66 other businesses and organizations. In their traditional attire, a total of 41 Dawoodi Bohra community members, ranging from the young to the old, marched in the procession with a strong sense of pride, demonstrating their love for their country, along with an unwavering commitment to collaboration.

The community walked alongside the Fostering Interfaith Relationships Eastside (F.I.R.E) group, led by City Council Member Mr. Toby Nixon. This united march not only symbolized the community’s deep-rooted faith but also a commitment to interfaith understanding – a bond that was initially formed during a Ramadan Iftar event in 2022 at the Bohra community center in Kirkland.

A Day of Celebration and Unity:

The July 4th Parade was a celebration of camaraderie and patriotism. As families gathered to witness the vibrant procession, the Dawoodi Bohras and their fellow participants commemorated the values of freedom and unity creating cherished memories in the process.

The Dawoodi Bohras’ participation in the July 4th Parade in Kirkland’s Marina Park was a testament to their dedication to unity, interfaith collaboration, and patriotism. By representing their faith community and standing side by side with F.I.R.E, they highlighted the shared values that bind us all. In the spirit of community, harmony, and love for their country, the Dawoodi Bohras of Greater Seattle celebrated a truly memorable Independence Day.

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