Atlantic Council Awards Women Leaders in Energy Fellowship to Jamila Yamani PhD

Jamila Yamani PhD, a member of the Dawoodi Bohras’ Woodlands community, has been named as a Women Leader in Energy Fellow by the Atlantic Council.

The Atlantic Council is a Washington DC-based think tank and thought leader with expertise in multiple issues, but particularly the role of policy on a global scale.  This fellowship awarded to Dr Yamani is intended to provide an opportunity for professional development, cultivating networks, and sharing ideas.

The Fellows in the 2021 cohort come from various policy organizations, private actors in the energy space, and some non-profits. Together, these women will lead the way into the energy transition.

Dr Yamani’s work focuses on decarbonization and climate change readiness efforts for large, carbon-heavy industries such as oil and gas, power utilities, and manufacturing. She plans to use this fellowship platform to share ideas in a multi-disciplinary environment and develop collaborative, cross-cutting solutions towards decarbonization.

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