San Antonio Dawoodi Bohras embrace the spirit of Ramadan with Food Drive and Focus on Sustainability

a special event was organized for community members to meet Mayor Al Suarez

The San Antonio Dawoodi Bohra community embraced the spirit of Ramadan by engaging in activities to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, food security, and community wellbeing. Partnering with local stakeholders, including the Office of Converse Mayor Al Suarez and The San Antonio Food Bank, the community organized impactful events to reinforce their collective values.

To foster community wellbeing, members prepared Ramadan boxes filled with culturally significant items such as honey and dates. These thoughtful offerings were shared with neighbors around the community center, strengthening existing relationships and introducing newer members to the local community. Additionally, a special event was organized for community members to meet Mayor Al Suarez, symbolizing the partnership between the San Antonio Dawoodi Bohra community and the city’s leadership.

In line with their commitment to sustainability, community members eliminated the use of plastic and foam cups while serving tea and milk after sunset prayers to break their fast. By adopting this practice, the community successfully reduced waste by 1,500 single-use cups compared to previous years, while saving money. It is hoped that initiatives like this will bring the community closer to reducing their collective environmental footprint and serve as an example for community households to embrace sustainable practices during Ramadan and beyond.

Furthermore, the community held a Feed SA food drive by donating nonperishable food items throughout the month. This annual event, organized by the San Antonio Food Bank, helps to combat hunger across the city. The San Antonio Dawoodi Bohra community’s contribution of 295 lbs of food led to their recognition as one of the 2023 Champion organizations, emphasizing their commitment to addressing food security concerns.

In celebration of Eid, the community organized a joyful family picnic and BBQ, where approximately 30 families came together to mark the end of Ramadan. The event fostered a sense of togetherness, allowing families to enjoy good food, games, and laughter, cherishing the fulfillment of a month dedicated to prayer.

Looking ahead, the San Antonio Dawoodi Bohra community eagerly anticipates future events, partnerships, and ideas to further strengthen their bonds with the broader San Antonio community. By embracing their values and collaborating with others, they continue to make a positive impact and foster a sense of unity.

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