Helping to Restore Wetlands in the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

One of the goals of Project Rise – a global Dawoodi Bohra initiative – is to help protect and enhance the national environment and to live life as sustainably as possible for the benefit of coming generations.  On Saturday, May 15th, the Washington DC community of Dawoodi Bohras partnered with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to do just that.  Local Dawoodi Bohras joined many other volunteers to help plant over 400 trees as part of a wetlands restoration project in Kent County, Maryland.

These wetlands provide essential habitats for thousands of different species and are extremely valuable for flood protection and water quality improvement.

Partnering with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation was a thrilling experience for the DC Bohra community, whose members are committed to engaging in more of these types of events in the coming year.  We plan to partner with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation in the future, as well as undertake additional environmental clean-up efforts as part of Project Rise, and continue to play our part to make the Earth a place for all to enjoy.

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