Washington DC Bohras Join Hands with Emmanuel Brinklow Church

During the December 2020 holiday season, Washington DC Bohras, partnered with the Emmanuel Brinklow Seventh Day Adventist Church to hold a food drive and assist with COVID-19 Screenings. The first day of this partnership, members helped the church prepare for the food drive. In particular, Washington DC Dawoodi Bohras aided members of the church in preparing packets to give to the homeless as well as the many affected by COVID-19. On the actual day of the Food Drive, many members of the community went and aided with distribution of food packets. Additionally, as the church was one of the testing sites for COVID-19, many of our members aided in creating COVID-19 care packages to give to individuals that were coming to the church to get tested. Sharing a passion for community service and helping those in need, members from the church and Washington DC Bohras, neighbors for more than three decades, were excited to partner up to serve local communities in need during these difficult and challenging times. This partnership continues with Washington D.C. Bohras supporting food drives being held at the Church twice a month.

Furthermore, Washington DC Bohras, hoped to sprinkle a little bit of the holiday magic, especially in these difficult times, by helping create holiday treat packages to give to a women’s shelter in the Greater DMV area. We are so thankful to partner and work alongside the church as well as the many organizations that are helping the homeless as well as the individuals affected by COVID 19. We hope to keep helping and spreading the much-needed positivity to get through these unknowing times.

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