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Championing Community and Sportsmanship

The Dawoodi Bohras of USA: Young Adults of Detroit Dawoodi Bohra Community Organize Successful Second Tri-Sports Tournament

Young Adults of the Detroit Bohra Community Organize Successful Second Tri-Sports Tournament  The young adults of the Detroit Bohras are a notable example of service, unity, and empowerment for the local community. These enthusiastic individuals, students and young professionals between the ages of 14 and 25 years old, actively participate in a diverse array of…

A Triumph Together: Dawoodi Bohra Youngsters Hike White Mountain

A Triumph Together: Dawoodi Bohra Youngsters Hike to White Mountain Peak, California

Nearly 40 Dawoodi Bohra youngsters from throughout the US convened at Mohammedi Masjid in Fremont, California, to hike to the summit of White Mountain. This endeavor brought together men and women adventurers for a journey that would not only test their physical limits but also foster camaraderie and create lifetime memories. Nestled within the Inyo…

Ramadan: A Time of Spiritual Renewal and Interfaith Connections

This year, the Dawoodi Bohras of Detroit were honored to be joined by members of the Farmington Hills city council, fire department, academia, public schools, and interfaith community.

The holy month of Ramadan holds great significance for Dawoodi Bohras all over the world. During this period of thirty days, Bohras come together to observe prayers and share iftar meals (breaking the daily fast). It is also a month of spiritual reflection and contemplation focused on communal growth. Daily services commence with the recitation…