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Faith-Inspired Service: New York Bohras Address Meal Gap


Members of the Dawoodi Bohra community of New York volunteered at the River Fund, a nonprofit organization in Queens, to help package and distribute groceries to the underprivileged this holiday season as part of the community’s Project Rise initiative. The River Fund, one of the largest providers of emergency food in New York City, and…

San Antonio Dawoodi Bohras embrace the spirit of Ramadan with Food Drive and Focus on Sustainability

a special event was organized for community members to meet Mayor Al Suarez

The San Antonio Dawoodi Bohra community embraced the spirit of Ramadan by engaging in activities to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, food security, and community wellbeing. Partnering with local stakeholders, including the Office of Converse Mayor Al Suarez and The San Antonio Food Bank, the community organized impactful events to reinforce their collective values. To…